Complete Your Degree at PCC

Whether you're planning to continue on to earn a Bachelor Degree or you're going straight to the workforce, graduating from PCC with an associate degree will open more doors for you. 

Use the resources below to ensure you're on the right track to degree completion and graduation!

Why Earn An Associate Degree?

  • AA/AS Degrees can stand alone or be a stepping stone to a bachelor degree.
  • AA/AS degree holders earn up to 25% more each year than someone who is doing the same job without a degree.
  • A different AA/AS degree from your bachelor degree will diversify your resume.
  • An associate degree will open more doors for job opportunities.

Review Degree Requirements

Requirements vary with each degree type, so make sure you’re following the right ones!

Check Your Progress towards Completion

Use LancerPlan to conduct an audit and see which requirements you still need to fulfill to earn your degree.

LancerPlan Audits

Get Priority Registration to Finish Your Degree!

Registering for the final classes you need to complete your associate degree (AA/AS, AA-T/AS-T)? Sign up for PCC Complete to get an earlier registration date to ensure that you get the classes you need to graduate.

Get Priority Registration

Apply for Your Degree

We graduate students three times per year (fall, spring, and summer). Once you register for your final semester, you may apply for graduation. 

Apply for Your Degree

 What to Expect After You Have Applied for Your Degree

Find out when diplomas are mailed out, how to update your mailing address, and commencement information. 

What to Expect After You Apply for Degree

Have more questions about graduation?

Read our Graduation FAQ to get all your graduation questions answered!

Graduation FAQ